Bad Hair Day Cap

Bad Hair Day Baseball Cap - Dark Grey

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Keeping chemotherapy patients in mind, these soft baseball caps have no metal rivets or plastic inners. These are features which may cause irritation to those suffering from hair thinning or hair loss, often a side effect of medications and chemotherapy.

Finding comfortable head wear can be a personal for dilemma, so where as they may not be suitable for everyone, they are still a friendly and fun gesture of support for someone going through chemotherapy. They are:

  • 100% cotton
  • Have a ‘washed look’ and are machine washable
  • Embroidered letters adds durability
  • Adjustable strap allowing for a circumference of 50cm to 60cam.
  • Dept of 11cm with the cap eave being 7cm

Being soft and flexible, we don't pack our caps in boxes or with inserts as you would find with a high profile structured cap. They maintain their shape as they are. As a result, this helps to cut down on packaging and lowers your shipping cost. Furthermore its allows us to provide you with a cap that can take a bit more wear and tear.

However, if you wished to add one to a chemotherapy care packages these baseball caps fit nicely into our larger boxes. They make an excellent addition! Simply add an empty gift box and continue shopping.

Once you have picked all your gifts, we  will arrange them accordingly and will add all the trimmings!

Finally, if you are sending it directly to a loved one, we will send you a photograph. By this, you will know exactly what they will be receiving.