Copy of Our Story

Losing my Dad to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

My families life changed forever when I was in my late teens. I lost my beloved Dad to cancer. His name was Kevin, he was 56 and he died from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

 Friends & Family Dealing with Critical Illnesses

Since then, I have had several friends and family members who have had to deal with similar life altering changes. Not just by cancer, but kidney failure, brain tumours, heart disorders & mental health issues.

  One thing all of these people have had in common, is not just losing a bodily part or function, but not losing their sense of humour and their ability to poke fun at the one thing that had turned their lives upside down.

"Critical illnesses are not funny, but every time you find laughter in a difficult situation, you win.....if even for just that moment"


Friends & We Aim to Bring Support & Humour
 Our wish is to provide a one stop shop where suitable & useful gifts are available for loved ones, who have succumbed to illnesses and testing times, both physically & mentally and to offer the opportunity to inject a little bit of humour, for those who find this their go to therapy in dark times, to  poke fun at the ‘elephant in the room’ and  to give it the proverbially two fingers.

 Some of our products will not be everyones cup of tea and might even offend, if so, we accept your apology! 


We have also included those amazing care givers who often get overlooked. Be it medical staff or a friend. The ripple effect of one persons illness can reach far and wide.

Acknowledging that everyone has different experiences, we would love to hear from you, if there is anything that you have found helpful on the road on which you  have traveled. In doing so, we can help others like you.
Nothing but best wishes