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Best Gifts For Cancer and Chemotherapy Patients

In order to compile the best gifts for cancer and chemotherapy patients, I spoke to a number of friends and family members who have gone through, or are going through cancer treatments. If someone we care about gets a cancer diagnoses, they may be facing surgery or treatments such as chemotherapy and/or radiation. It is important to support and comfort them with something that aligns with their needs both physically and emotionally. If you are finding yourself in new territory, figuring out the right words to say and ways in which to help, can be a challenging. By selecting items that prioritise comfort, support and inspiration, you can show your loved one they are not alone in their journey as...

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Chemotheraphy - The Bearer of Cold Sensitivity.....Or is it?

  Does chemotherapy cause cold sensitivity? Before embarking on this blog, covering this particular side effect of chemotherapy, I put out feelers to all my friends who have been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and yes, even one wrote the book! To my bewilderment, all but one, had suffered sensitivity to cold. What? How is that possible? I sell blankets and socks on my website for this reason? Am I missing something? Oh yes, I most certainly was.  I’ll keep this short & sweet. Well maybe not so much sweet, but you might take away a little nugget of chemo information that like me,  you didn’t know.  What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is the broad name for a drug that destroys...

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