The Power Of Being A Living Donor - Jarlath Regan

                     To become a living donor, is a relatively simple procedure, if your proven to be fit and healthy.  Considering it saves a life, its a bit of a no brainer! If you know someone in need of a kidney and have not considered being a donor, have a listen to comedian Jarleth Regan's podcast. Jarleth who donated one of his kidneys to his brother, gives a very factual account of his ordeal.
                 Not only is it a very informative listen but a facinating insight to the world of organ tranplantation.  In truth sometimes funny, but also emotional. In fact it might just make you think a little more about the power you possess to save a life. Thank you Jarleth for allowing us to share this. Indeed you are a mighty human being! 🙏🏼
                      And if you shuffle this mortal coil, being a deceased donor can save multiple lives and what better legacy to leave behind than that. Nobody should ever die waiting on a donor list. Not ever! In conclusion, the more we converse, the more knowledge we have and in turn the more awareness thats brought to the simplicity of it.
Carry a donor card and/or discuss your wishes with your loved ones. Simple as that!
Click here to listen to Jarleths podcast or search for Irishman Abroad on your choosen podcast platform.

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