Our Mission

Our wish is to provide a one stop shop where suitable & useful gifts for cancer patients and those who are dealing with other critical illnesses are available. To support our loved ones, who have succumbed to illnesses and testing times, both physically & mentally. It can be a time where we find ourselves not knowing what to say or what to do.
We offer the opportunity to inject humour, for those who find this their go to therapy in dark times. To poke fun at the ‘Elephant In The Room’ and  to give it the proverbially two fingers.

 Some of our products will not be everyones cup of tea and might even offend, if so, we accept your apology! 


Additionally, we have included a thank you section for the amazing health care workers and care-givers who often get overlooked. Be it medical staff or a friend.
The ripple effect of one person's illness can reach far and wide.

Indeed, we acknowledging that everyone has a different experience so if there are any products or items that you have found helpful, we would love to hear from you. 
"You'll see that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile" - Charlie Chaplin
Our Planet
All of our packaging material is recyclable and our preference is to work with companies that uphold the same sustainability values as us. Where at all possible, we work with Irish companies in a bid to promote the local economy. This in turn keeps our carbon footprint at a low level. Above all, we recognise the importantance of playing our part in protecting Mother Earth.
In addition, we encourage our customers to continue the journey of our packaging. We suggest to recycle or reuse our gift boxes and wrapping materials.
Nothing but best wishes 
Roisin xx