'Pushing through' Childhood Cancer

"You got to put your head to it. You got to push through” are the wise words from young Tadgh O’Malley who kicked Hodgkins Lymphoma to the kerb.  

With resounding support from his wonderful parents & 3 brothers, one being his twin, Tadgh showed cancer who the real boss was. Yes it was scary but as he said himself, it's ok to be scared. One of Tadgh, and his families biggest supporters, was his amazing grandmother Mary, who was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer while Tadgh was going through treatment. She passed away only a few months later. If anyone knows about pushing through, this young man and his family do.

 Tadgh and his brother Ferg were the ‘product tester’s' of our cosy thermal slipper socks and he gives us lots of inspiration and ideas! Keep kicking ass Tadgh! 💪🏻

This video shows Rebecca Gorman from the Irish Cancer Society speaking to Tadgh O'Malley on RTE's News 2 Day program, on World Cancer Day, talking about his experiences of dealing with childhood cancer. Thank you to Tadgh & RTE for allowing us to share this.

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