Sensitive Skin Care

Our largest organ, the skin, can suffer very bad side effects from cancer treatments,  dialysis, ongoing medications and stress, to name but a few. Gifting a product specifically tailored towards sensitive skin and one that may be beneficial to your loved one, is a wonderful way of showing you care. Equally impressive on their own or as part of gift box in our Care Package section.
Harsh chemicals and perfumes do not sit well with sensitive skin and its highly recommended that natural, gentle & pure products, preferably organic, be used. Regardless, most patients can’t use anything but.
We choose to only work with Irish companies who have a likeminded passion in being kind to skin, body and mind.
The benefits of each product are detailed in the product information. However, if you have any queries or need assistance on which one might be best suited for you or a loved one, please don't hesitate to contact us at