Lavender Amber - Goats Milk Soap
Lavender Amber - Goats Milk Soap

Lavender Amber - Goats Milk Soap

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The musky honey like fragrance of amber, combined with the delicate sweet floral scents of lavender makes a warm soothing and relaxing aroma. The beautiful swirl of earthy colours represents everything that this soap is about. Nurturing, calming and caring.

Made in Ireland in small batches, these soaps have been fully assessed and certified and come in a natural sisal mesh soap pouch.

Goats Milk Soap is toxin free, rich in vitamins & minerals and maintains the PH balance of the skin. This makes it exceptionally soothing and moisturising for damaged and/or dry sensitive skin. Its ability to relief irritation and inflammation makes it ideal for those dealing with compromised skin due to cancer treatments, psoriasis, eczema, acne and all other sensitive skin conditions.

Ingredients:  Raw goats milk, natural oils

(As with all products, always check with your healthcare practitioner if unsure of any ingredients)