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End Of Life Book inside page
For After I"ve Gone End of Life Book  inside poem
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End of life journal inside page

For After I've Gone - End Of Life Book - The Friends Edition

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For After I've Gone is an end of life book to be left for loved ones, that captures an array of precious information. From special memories to favorite songs, hopes for the future to life advice. Naturally all these nuggets of information might seem trivial at present, however they become treasured words to your loved ones, when you are no longer here.

Reminiscing about and sharing stories of those who are no longer with us, helps to keep them alive in our hearts and minds. Furthermore, it is hugely beneficial to the ordeal of processing grief.

This unique end of life book not only enables individuals to leave behind a meaningful legacy but facilitates healing and closure for those who receive it. In addition this creates a mutually beneficial journey for both parties. Passing on a gift of cherished words for after they have died is priceless.

These end of life books contains:

  • Guided pages to give you journaling structure
  • Beautiful illustrations promoting mindfulness and calm
  • Over 30 thought provoking and highly comforting sayings, poems and affirmations 
  • Introduction by the author detailing her experience of end of life care. This gives an inspiring insight into how the books came to be.

Friends Edition

This 'Friends Edition' journal is for someone to fill out for their friend. It supports them to record their feelings and insights. It helps them to create a personal memorable legacy for their still living friends.

Preparing for death helps others to deal with their grief and accept death as a natural process of living.

This book is for all the things that were forgotten to say or left unsaid.

Also in this range of end of life journals is the following:

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'Memories are the architecture of our identity' - Stefano Benni