Handmade Get Well Angel in Burgundy
Close up of handmade get well Angel in Burgundy
Poem of protection for Angels

Handmade Angel - Burgundy

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These beautiful handmade Angels make the most perfect get well gift.  They are lovingly handmade by a passionate crafter in Co. Sligo and are exceptionally unique.

Made with a high quality natural cotton yarn, they are approximately 16cm tall(may vary slightly) with a string for hanging. Keep by a bedside, in the kitchen, office or a number of our customers like to keep them in their car.

A symbol of protection we believe these get well angels gift for:

  • Pre/Post surgery
  • A loved one facing cancer treatment
  • Support someone dealing a loss
  • Thank you to someone who has been your 'angel'

These Angels are neither religious, gender or age based so they truely are suitable for all. If your in a situation where you really don't have the words or just not able to help, an Angel is a beautiful thoughtful and genuie show of support.

Each Angel comes with a beautiful symbolic poem.