I am... Focused Wellbeing Room/Pillow Mist

I am... Focused Wellbeing Room/Pillow Mist

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These wellness mists will leave your room filled with a beautiful aroma be it at home, care home or hospital. A perfect gift for recovery support, either on its own or pair it with a roller oil, to make an extra special care package for a patient or healthcare worker. 

The I AM Focused blend of Lemon, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang are known to enhance motivation, focus and concentration, promote a feeling of happiness and give a sense of clarity.

Spray around you room, your clothes, your office/work space, car, basically anywhere or time that you feel the need for focus. 


All Wellbeing Mists are blended with pure, therapeutic grade, vegan friendly essential oils and an environmentally friendly soya-based solvent which is non-toxic and a has a low carbon footprint. These Wellbeing Mists are completely free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals and safe for both adults and children.

100ml glass bottle and the label is printed on FSC Certified paper.