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We absolutely love these kids pyjamas that will undoubtedly be a welcome source of comfort during an illness, a stay in hospital or just any other regular busy day of a child!

With attention to detail, they are made with comfort and flexibility in mind. Crafted using soft and breathable materials they are the perfect pyjama attire!

Embracing the idea that kids pyjamas could be so much more than just an item of night time wear, opens up a whole new opportunity of fun! In fact, when a child is relaxed and feeling safe in their environment, the 'pyjama magic' happens!

Naturally fostering their imaginations with these pyjamas, could be a wonderful distraction. Additionally, they may help create a fun talking point surrounding whichever career path they are wearing that day! They can be a:

  • Fire Chief 
  • Doctor
  • Pilot 
  • Army Cadet 
  • Police Officier 
  • Construction Manager

Watch them catch the bad guys, extinguish the fires and administer medicine, all in the saftely of their own environment!

Importantly, when you gift a child something that will give them joy, you are indirectly gifting the parents too. In fact, you may be introducting them to a product on the market that they have not already come across. Items like these kids pyjamas can be so helpful to parents going through uncertain times.

We are not selling Waylon & Flo's pyjamas directly but we can organise a gift voucher, to be part of our Care Packages. Or if you would like to purchase a kids pyjamas and have it included in a care package, we an arrange that too. Alternatively, to go directly to Waylon & Flo's website just click here.

Remember we can send gifts and care packages directly to the recipient. Finally, we can include a personal message from you and if your not sure what to say? We can help you with that too! No request is too big nor too small.